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Aircraft Management

Owning and operating a private aircraft is a serious matter and presents a complex set of challenges, requirements, governance and financial commitments.

We understand that our clients have aircraft for a variety of business and personal reasons. Aircraft ownership allows our clients to transport themselves, their families and business associates safely and efficiently to hundreds of areas across the country and the world.

M&N Aviation can enhance your ownership experience and help you derive the greatest utilization, efficiencies and return on your asset.

M&N Aviation is your respected, qualified and proven provider for all of your private aircraft management needs. We provide our clients with exceptional, fee-based turnkey services, including:

  • Start-up and on-going consultative services

  • Crew recruitment, management and training

  • Flight Operations

  • Aircraft Scheduling and Flight Tracking

  • Maintenance Tracking and Coordination

  • Certifications and Insurance

  • Financial Reporting – timely, visible and transparent

  • Fleet pricing on fuel, training, insurance and maintenance expense items

  • Charter sales, if desired

In operation since 2003, M&N Aviation has continued to develop processes and services for a multitude of aircraft types. We believe that our experienced people make, and deliver, the M&N Aviation difference. Our knowledgeable and professional staff works vigorously to deliver an exceptional level Private Aircraft Management services.

To get the most for you and your aircraft, we operate all of our owner private aircraft within stringent FAA rules, regulations and guidelines to ensure that you get the best, safest, predictable and most responsible ownership experience. We accomplish these goals by providing for on-staff, highly-skilled and continuously trained pilots, maintenance technicians and complete, visible, operational, accounting and legal services.

In addition to private, FAA Part 91 usage, our clients have the option to place their aircraft on M&N’s Part 135 charter certificate allowing for greater operational flexibility as well as the potential for charter revenue income, which could allow you to offset a portion of your ownership costs.


M&N has access to a world-wide network of charter operators and brokers to maximize our charter aircraft opportunities in the global marketplace. M&N works with our charter managed clients to create budgets which will accomplish their revenue goals within pre-approved guidelines dictated by the aircraft owner.

For additional information on what management solutions M&N can offer, please contact our Executive Management at 720-356-4829 or

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