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Charter Operations


In A Class of Its Own

M&N believes that “Private is Private”.  Our charter customers understand the benefits of private aircraft charter and have the means to realize it.

When you engage M&N Aviation for your Private Aircraft Charter, you will have a controlled experience that is honest and candid, with factual and realistic cost and expectation setting and mission appropriate results.

You will fly on one of our own managed aircraft or an aircraft that meets our stringent requirements pertaining to safety, regulatory compliance and mission profile.

Charter Considerations:

  • When you or your representative contact us, we will be asking you the following questions to ensure that all your needs are precisely met:

  • What is the destination for your private jet charter flight?

  • How many passengers will be traveling?

  • Do you have preferred departure and destination private airports?

  • Do you have a preference for a particular private jet charter aircraft?

  • Do you prefer to fly non-stop or is a fuel stop acceptable?

  • Do you have any special luggage considerations (i.e. skis, golf clubs, firearms)?

  • Would you like to bring along a pet?

  • Would you like a private jet charter flight attendant to look after your needs?

  • May we assist in arranging catering, ground transportation, or hotel accommodations?

  • What is your charter budget?


When an aircraft is idle, owners can opt to have M&N put it into charter operation. Owners continue to fl y as needed, choose how often the aircraft can be used, and can approve or deny any charter for any reason. Best of all, owners are able to apply their revenues toward expenses, lowering total cost of ownership.



By adding an aircraft onto M&N’s Part 135 certificate, owners transfer operational control of both their aircraft and crew to M&N. Thus, all the associated liabilities and risks transfer to M&N, providing clients a pathway to reduced risk exposure as well as peace of mind. But, the benefits don’t stop there. M&N Aviation takes ownership of crew training, regulatory compliance in accordance with the FAA, and security controls too.



Aviation staff and crew are consummate professionals, a true differentiator and source of pride. Our highly skilled crew of pilots and maintenance technicians have in-depth knowledge of every aircraft in our fleet – from safety records to security controls to customer feedback. Aircraft are operated within the FAA’s rules, regulations and guidelines to ensure safe, predictable, and responsible flight experiences. Our staff works diligently to deliver exceptional results every time.

Please contact us by phone: 720-356-4830, email: or through our Contact Form to provide us with your flight preferences, and we’ll get you in the air as soon and efficiently as possible.

Empty Legs
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