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Owning and operating a private aircraft is a serious matter and presents a complex set of challenges, requirements, governance and financial commitments.  M&N Aviation can enhance your ownership experience and help you derive the greatest utilization, efficiencies and return on your asset


When you engage M&N Aviation for your Private Aircraft Charter, you will have a controlled experience that is honest and candid, with factual and realistic cost and expectation setting and mission appropriate results.

You will fly on one of our own managed aircraft or an aircraft that meets our stringent requirements pertaining to safety, regulatory compliance and mission profile.


Discussing the Numbers

M&N Aviation is not your typical aviation company.  We understand that there are many facets to the business of aviation and have the experience and expertise to assist you with a variety of aviation related projects. We believe that we can help you navigate through a number of aviation related tasks and are eager to help you with your next venture. 



M&N Aviation, based at Centennial Airport in Centennial, Colorado, is a boutique aircraft management and private jet provider of exceptionally experienced, qualified and candid private aviation services.  We excel at delivering true and measurable value to our clients that own or lease private aircraft and to our charter customers that wish for predictable, mission-appropriate private aircraft charter experiences. Our Managing Director, Todd Schieck was hired in 2002 by M&N Aviation when it was a corporate flight department for M&N Equipment, LLC.  As the company’s Director of Business Development, he was involved in the transition of M&N to one of the premier aircraft management and charter operations in the Rocky Mountain Region.  In 2015, Todd became the co-owner and Managing Director of M&N Aviation.  M&N has since expanded its operational focus to include the management of any size aircraft, aircraft brokerage, charter brokerage and a wide range of aviation consulting.  Todd has previously served as an advisory board member of NationAir insurance and is currently accredited as a Certified Aviation Manager by the Nation Business Aviation Association.



Head Office

8551 Aviator Lane, Suite B

Englewood CO, 80112

Florida Office

327 Plaza Real Blvd. Suite 217

Boca Raton, FL 33432

Charter Department

Office: (720) 356-4830

Fax: (720) 979-0310

Flight Operations

For all inquires related to flight operations or pilot positions please email:


Any questions or general inquiries, please call: 720-979-0312 or fill out the following form:

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